Automatically capture your asset data with bindbopsID

Manual data entry in building operations leads to errors and wasted resources.

We fix it with the help of AI.

Asset Data Onboarding shouldn't be hard.

Make it simple by going from image to knowledge instantly with our proprietary AI process.

Capture Your Asset Data

Snap a picture of your asset's label and upload it using our mobile app or web console. Our machine learning pipelines extract the text and transform it into contextual usable data. Verify the results and send them to our scalable and flexible semantic store.

Enrich Your Data Set

Assets don't exist in isolation. Add all the installation properties that you need to create a more meaningful asset register. Name the properties in a way that makes sense to you and let bindbops do the heavy lifting of understanding your data.

Integrate using our API

Reliable and precise asset data are the fuel for context aware asset management applications, like AI-IoT and AR/VR. bindbops takes away the pain of manually importing data in all these systems from a single web API enabling a successful and fast integration.

Companies already on board

Let bindbopsID work for you

Minimise waste of resources

Eliminate mistakes and asset duplication

Single source of truth

Faster contract mobilisation

Optimise operation delivery

Achieve fewer callouts

Pricing Options

Pay as you go

for contractors, small companies,

ad-hoc users

Have the freedom to collect as many assets as you need and pay ad hoc. Ideal for companies or contractors with fluctuating data collection needs.

Flat monthly rate

for bigger organisations, asset and building surveyors

Collect as many assets as you need every month. Ideal for larger organisations with a high volume of data collection.

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